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In 2022, the Chinatown Community Foundation (CCF) established an “Educational Scholarship & Teacher Grant Program” to support furthering education of our young adults and also support educators in our local community. The awards are as follows:


● Two (2) Educational Scholarship Awards* - $1,000/award

● Two (2) Teacher/School Grant Awards - $500/award


The application for the Educational Scholarship Award will be open from October 1, 2023. The completed application must be submitted in its entirety by October 31, 2023. All documents should be submitted in PDF format via email to no later than the end of the business day (4:00 pm).


*Only high school, post-secondary, and college students may apply for the educational scholarship. 


2022 Educational Scholarship & Grant Recipients

Madisyn Sim, Kendyll Miyashiro, Jennifer Manyu Wong,  Lisa Kam (not pictured)

A message from: 

Kendyll Miyashiro

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Waipahu Intermediate

2022 CCF Golf Tournament Grant Recipient

"Through research, discussions and collaboration, students and teachers worked towards designing a Team Shirt which reflects the rich history of our school and community.


As a grant recipient, our students were ensured to have a team shirt, which is what they wear with pride at school!"

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